"Perhaps it's the minimalist aesthetic of Starseed Pilgrim that leaves the door open for interpretation. When I play, I can relate to the lone pilgrim standing on the edge of a rectangular world set directly in the middle of nowhere. The blank game screen reminds me of the blank page and how both are filled with such potential; potential to search, to discover, and ultimately to make a connection with someone else. I see all forms of expression like poetry, game design, and even playing games as a kind of reaching out into nothingness in the hope of making a meaningful connection. My goal with this analysis is to closely examine the strange and unique game of Starseed Pilgrim so that we might find ourselves on the same page. My best tools are clear language, design theory, and a long history of video games to draw examples from. The following is a full game design analysis of Starseed Pilgrim...."

Design Space part 2
Level Design part 3
Randomness Part 4
A Touch of Randomness
Teaching AND Tutorials part 6
 part 1 part 2

Pilgrim's Progress:
Through This Fleeing World

by: Steve Johnathan

In Starseed Pilgrim, players use a diverse set of seeds to traverse the fleeting world. This analysis focuses on how to move efficiently and stall the void by planting seeds.

Pilgrim's Progress: Delivered Under the Similitude of Math


by: Richard Terrell

Data tables examining the usefulness of each Starseed based on the research from Pilgrim's Progress by Johnathan.



Part 5  The White Abyss: A Full Gameplay Analysis of Starseed Pilgrim Part 1 by Richard Terrell (KirbyKid) Part 7 Theme and Execution



Twin Perspectives

by: Daniel Johnson

Daniel, published game analyst, and his twin brother Chris, a budding indie game developer, explore the process of learning Starseed Pilgrim. Twin Perspectives features videos showing Chris playing Starseed Pilgrim for the first time, podcast discussions, and critical commentary to put everything into context.


Wall of Quotes Who are “most players” and what do they think? This nebulous noun phrase, ubiquitous in games writing, deserves more attention. In this section we’ve cultivated and organized the most salient comments on Starseed Pilgrim, positive and negative, from throughout the internet.
Wall of LinkS A collection of links to articles, videos, reviews, podcasts, and online conversations about Starseed Pilgrim.
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